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Paintings tastes in hotels never match with their interior decoration taste, no matter how many stars the hotels bears. By our experience, most hotels has poor quality art hung on their walls of lobby, not to speak of rooms. It's no wonder, a piece of real orignal art is so expensive, but the atomosphere, the humidity control, and CO2 level in the air of room and lobby can't be controlled. An expensive art fades quickly and finally destroyed.

Nowdays, lots of hotels are upgrading their art taste on interior decoration. Travellers and hotel guests in internet age have, more or less, basic knowleges about art and art taste. Ok, the question becomes how hotels kept up with the trend of upgrading hotel paintings while keep budget affordable?

The answer is "hand reproduction of good quality" of famous paintings.

Ten thousand of famous paintings in different centuries are treasure of selection for hotel paintings.

Welcome, email us, we select paintings for your hotel, with sound quality and patience!

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