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Canvaz Inc is a China based serious art gallery and a custom oil painting shop . While keeping sound quality, we survived a long time, and have quite many fans, and art dealers customers.


What a handsome Deamon!
seated Deamon

Michael Vrubel

Autumn's Garland
impressionism woods warm canada(by artist Tom Thomson)

(Recommendation of this month)
The Matador l(30x40 inches)



Marilyn Monroe portrait
Marilyn Monroe reproduction(recently done)

Jalabert Charles Francois Le Christ marchant sur l Jalabert Charles Francois The Plague of Thebes
======Md commented this artist(Charles Francois Jalabert) on 2014-04-07:
I have a copy of the awakening. Does anyone know where the original is? Not at Walters, that is a preliminary study.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
======albert commented this painting on 2013-05-29:
We\'re can I get. Price on very old painting 193o lithography painting from yellowstonewaterfall




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Aagaard Carl Frederic Pergola in Amalfi

Carl Fredrik Aagard

In the Countryside

Guillaumin Armand


John William Godward

grand canal,venice

John Twachtman


Paul Cezanne

Evening Breeze

Henri Emond Cross

Still Life with Onions, Beetroot and a Japanese Pr

Paul Gauguin

The White Horse

Paul Gauguin

Two Tahitian Women

Paul Gauguin

Peasant Woman and Cows in a Landscape

Paul Gauguin

The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum at Night

Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh

The Walk , Woman with a Parasol , 1875

Claude Monet

La Grenouillere , 1869

Claude Monet

The Valpincon Bather

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

The Rue Saint Denis , 30th of June , 1878

Claude Monet

Poppies at Argenteuil , 1873 30th of June , 1878

Claude Monet

Lady in a Green Jacket

Auguste Macke

The Kiss

Gustav Klimt


Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Bonaparte crossing the Alps

Louis David

Nudo Disteso

Amedeo Modigliani

Woman with Black Cravat

Amedeo Modigliani

Angels , detail of The Sistine Madonna

Raphael Santi


Thomas Moran


Lord Frederic Leighton

Creazione di Adamo , Creat Adam


Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci

Last Supper

Leonardo Da Vinci

Four Trees

Egon Schiele

The Shell

Adolph William Bouguereau

Birth of Venus

Sandro Botticelli

Kampfende Formen

Franz Marc

Water Lily Pond , 1897 1899

Claude Monet

Trees Mirrored in a Pond

Egon Schiele

Poppies at Argenteuil , 1873

Claude Monet

Girl with ear ring

Jan Vermeer


John William Waterhouse

Beach Promenade

Joaquin Sorolla Bastida

Notre Dame de Grace , Honfleur

Guy Orlando Rose

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With our talented Chinese oil painters, we offer 100% hand made oil paintings on various subjects and styles. Real art is always expensive, even if it is a reproduction. Cost advantages in China make it possible to offer affordable real art to our customers in every corner of the world. Most of our oil painters were strictly trained and cultivated when they were in schools and colleges, this helps us handle all classic style commissions easily, not only Chinese oil painting.

Canvaz Inc has 6 years experience in the oil painting industry, and 4 years online sales experience. We sell only a thousand oil paintings annually, to maintain quality and the hand-made process. When painters get a design, they outline it by pencil on the white canvas, it's no wonder, even great oil painting masters use pencils, to create the first layer. At this moment, the oil painting is still rough and you can only see some big color blocks. One or two days later, it dries, and the painter begins on the second layer. Usually a piece of reproduction comes into being when third layer is done, if no correction is needed.

Categorized Oil Painting Reproductions

This shop offer oil paintings and portraits in almost every category including Abstract, Impressionism, Expressionism, Renaissance, Economical and many more. All hand painted by our highly trained and skilled oil painting artists.

Our business includes popular art, old master's painting reproductions, custom oil portraits (from photo to oil painting portrait on canvas) and 19th century important oil paintings



Dear Mr. Chan,
I just received the painting you sent me. It is gorgeous! It is a painting lost in a fire at my mother s home a decade ago. Of course it is not the same but it is quite perfect the way I remember it. I am 300% satisfied. Thank you very much. In a couple of days I will purchase another custom painting.
Thanks, Pena

Dear Steven, I just received the painting, I am very happy and joyful! It looks very beautiful and makes my home very beautiful place. Thank you for very good communication and fast delivery. Please thank for me the artist that painted it, they did an amazing work.Thank you again for beautiful painting! I wish you luck and success in your business. Sincerely
Laura (this customer just commissioned a thick oiled painting of dancer)

I received the customized art work over the weekend, now I just need to stretch the canvas, thanks for everything !, great work !R.Cervantes

We finally received our paintings (they were stuck in customs for a week). We absolutely love them. Beautiful. Just what we wanted. Thank you so much for all of your work. Mike Copeland Sent from my iPhone

Hi, Steven, just info you that we go the custom oil paintings in perfect condition! thanks for your on time delivery ! we would definately order your paintings from your art gallery again .kelly

Just got the painting ! it is marv ! thanks, I would definately purchase arts from u again ! Michael

Yesterday I received the oil paintings. My wife (the paintings were for her), was really pleased and excited about your gallery and paintings. Thank you for your help, steven.--Dimitris

we just received the paintings! thank you they look great. I hope we can work again soon. chinta.

The delivery completed today.The oil paintings is really great.Thank you for your response and congratulations on your work (great quality is combined with low price).I will be a returning customer for sure.Have a nice day!!!
Mitrakas Lampros

i got my painting in perfect condition. I would like to thank the artist. overall i am very glad i discovered the site. --bjorn.

I am delighted to tell you that the portrait oil painting has arrived and is of splendid quality. I would like to thank you and your painter artists for the magnificent work and impressive quality service. Please note that this portrait may NOT be used on any website or any other publication whatsoever for privacy reasons. Sam

Dear Steven, I received your oil paintings and they look really nice! Thank you! I already have 2 other custom oil paintings I would like to order, but I am waiting for a few more to get lower shipping costs per painting. emeil

Dear Canvaz team,
The painting from your shop has arrived safely and its very beautiful. Our compliments to the talented artist who painted it. Thank You very much and best wishes from Amsterdam,
A. de Kroon.

These are excellent, and beyond my expection on online art galleries. I look forward to receiving them via DHL after the new year (3 Jan). I have several other paintings to send you in early 2008. Thank you, Roman

Dear Steve, I received the 11 oil paintings yesterday. Thanks again for a great job. Thanks talent artists in your gallery. I look forward to doing more business with you Kind regards Simon

Hi Steven! I just got the oil paintings from your shop! Thank you, they are wunderfull!--sincerely yours Veronika.

Hello Steven, I receive the package from your shop this morning without damage. Nice job. Congratule the artits in my name. Sincerely, Pol Delvaux

Steven, A hit again from everyone here. Finish up the painting and send. Let me know how much I still owe you and how to pay it. I always get that messed up for some reason or another. Can"t wait to get the customized portrait. Thanks again and thank you people they do great work. Best always, Jim Daly.

Hi again,
Just received my painting. I am in love. Its gorgeous. I will be purchasing the other 2 matador paintings from your gallery as well in the near future. Thank you very much. Do you accept customized painting ?

Hi, what a gorgeous oil painting! thanks

Hello Steven, Just to let you know - I received my paintings safe and sound - Very happy indeed with each painting and I will recommend your gallery to my friends - Let me know if there is location on your webpage for leaving positive feedback comments and I will do so. Thanks again, Seamus.

I received my painting yesterday and I would just like to say how brilliant it is. The likeness is excellent, and I am incredibly happy with the painting. I will surely buy some more pieces of artwork from your gallery in the future. For reference the painting was sisley 27 winter scene. Many thanks again, Abigail

Hi , Great oil painting !! and wonderful oil painting shop of you ! I would definately send more jobs your way !!

Hi Steven, all pictures are looking good! For the future: Klimt - The Kiss: Could youplease allways paint this pictures more golden and not so orange! Thank you verry much. Please send the pictures.

Hello Steven, I just wanna tell you, that the oil painting I ordered from your gallery arrived today. Perfect in shape and with a nice smell... :-) I must say, your gallery colleague has done a great work of art.. I nearly can't believe my eyes... Thanks a lot! The painting will be my Christmas gift to my wife and such a big surprise. Probably we'll come back to you later on. We have a great interest in 'erotic' art, but mostly the prices are too high in Sweden.

Thanks, we received the paintings in good condition ...

Thank you so much for your service.....I love the painting and this gallery. The best thing of all is, my wife wants to hang it over the fireplace. Very nice job!!! Thank you, Dave

pic 0115 is lovely, thank you. I'm looking forward to receiving the painting.

Hi Steven, The paintings arrived today and I am again very happy with the quality of the paintings and the service provided by you. However, I will now have to think about buying a bigger house to accomodate the growing collection of paintings that I have bought from you ... ;-) Rgds, Peter Green.

Just got the oil paintings they are beautiful Thank you, I'm going to make a new order soon, There was one.... after that they are beautiful......

Aug 10th, Steven, I received the paintings today, they look great, thank you very much, however, I must place another order with you very quickly....

Aug 2th, Thank you so much for the gorgeous paintings! I can't believe the quality and attention to detail on each of the paintings we received - esp. for the price!!! They are absolutely stunning! As soon as we have them framed, you can be sure that I will walk all our neighbors through to see. You can count on many referrals (and repeat business) from me!!!

July 25th, hi,I have been given your details by my friend. Mrs Diane Jorgensen. I would like to get some paintings done from a picture, it is a picture of a jet, I can email the picture...

July 18th, hi, I would like to know the price on painting the attached painting in impressionist style. I would like to capture the style and would like it to be say 24" on the short side - I have done business with you before and I have been pleased. Thank you. Jim

July 12th,The paintings we ordered have arrived and look fantastic. We would like to order 4 more but 2 of them we would like a bigger size than you can order online....

July 9th,2006, hello steven, we recieved the customs paintings and they are absolutely perfect!!!! exactly what we wanted in every way. thank you so much and please tell the artists great job. we will send you more new paintings this week and would like them done the same way as these....

July 5th,2006 I have received my paintings this morning and I am extremely pleased with the quality. And I am astonished that there is such a good gallery on the internet ! You have provided an excellent service and I would be happy to act as a reference for you, with regard to the quality of the paintings and speed of delivery. You will also no doubt receive orders from my friends and family after they see the paintings.

July 4th,2006. Received the three paintings today. Great work on all, especially the Aioli Dinner painting where you had to work from a picture in a book. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Once we frame these paintings, we will be ordering more. Please pass along my satisfaction to all of your staff.

July 1st,2006. I would like to place another order of 13 paintings from your gallery. First though, I would like to thank you for doing such a great paintings on the last order. These are the best to date! You have secured my oil paintings business for the coming years if this is the way your work will be!

June 29,2006. Thank you, Steven,for doing such a wonderful rendition of my piece Irvingmantelpiece.jpg. The colors and the painting were excellent, and the painting arrived very quickly and in fine condition. I look forward to having you realize more pieces for me.

June 28,2006. The custom paintings arrived today. They are really fabulous. We are pleased with the quality of your gallery. Would you be kind enough to let the painters know that they have done a fantastic job.

June 27,2006. Dear Steven: Thank you for your note, and for paying such attention to detail. Please do not start on this painting. I will send you another version of the painting later. The grid near the FOSSIL letters IS from the scanner. You are right... I will correct the piece and send you and new one when it is correct.

June 26,2006. Hello Steven, Thank you, today have been delivered. The paintings are good.

June 25,2006. Dear Steven,Please forgive my perfectionism. The Klimt painting I bought from you gives me joy, and that is enough. I will definitely order more paintings from you.

It is very happy when you got a positive feedback from your customer, it really inspire you, because you need this kind of encouragements, otherwise you lose yourself in the daily routines and painting jobs. steven



Oil painting tips:

Art is a wonderful aspect of life that comes in many forms. Of all the beautiful art forms in the world, oil painting is considered to be a relatively new and beautiful form of art. The actual meaning of oil painting is painting with the use of oil pigments. Till the early fifteenth century, artists used to have a mythological and decorative outlook to art. However, with the Renaissance, artists began looking for different means of propagating their art.

This is when Jan Van Eyck first thought of oil painting. He nursed a desire to mimic nature in his paintings, but found it impossible to achieve with the existing tempera paint. Tempera paint was made from ground up pigments of plants and minerals that were combined with binder to form paint. However, since this paint tends to dry up quickly, smooth transitions in painting were quite impossible. So with the intention of acquiring realism in his paintings, Van Eyck conjured oil paint. He did this by using oil as a binder, instead of egg in the paint. He thought that adding oil would make colors look glossier in his painting. After trial and error, he found out that oil paintings gave their best when applied in several layers. He found out that with oil paints he could reach the realism and nature he was seeking in his art. So with this introduction of oil paints, many artists started using oil in their paint mixtures to make oil paining a popular form of art.

Painting is an inspiration; without any inspiration, it is impossible to paint. If you don’t feel inspired, drop your brushes and take a walk outside while looking at mother earth. If possible, visit a local gallery or museum for some inspiration for your oil painting. Once you are inspired and ready to paint, the first and foremost thing is to get some oil paints to start your oil painting with. When buying oil paints for your oil painting, it is better to buy quality primary and secondary colors than a range of cheap paints. Oil paints can be found in tubes, as water-mixable oils in tubes and blocks and oil bars that are in stick form and not oil pastels. It is very important to buy thinner to both dilute the paint and to help clean the brushes and palette. The best choice for a thinner is turpentine that helps maintain the oiliness of oil paint.

Oil colors may have changed since then, but the principals of oil painting remains the same. Improved technology has produced much better oil paints for the modern painter to paint with. When starting an oil painting, it is important to always start with an acrylic under painting as this paint dries quicker than oil painting. However, avoid using ivory black for under painting as it takes longer to dry than other paints. Then once the paint has dried, you may proceed to use oil paint. As you paint, you will realize the importance of good lighting for painting. With good lighting, the color of the painting is brought out, to lessen the strain on the eyes. Surprisingly, equally important to good lighting is good ventilation. When using materials like oil painting thinners and cleaners in the studio, it is very important to have good ventilation as these chemicals prove to be toxic.

The most important tool in oil painting besides paint is of course, the brush. It is very important to invest in a good set of brushes for your oil painting as cheap brushes tend to shed bristles when painting. The sable and synthetic sable brushes are the best for oil paintings. The nylon brushes are better for acrylic paints. Oil brushes long for you to paint away from the canvas so practice holding them towards the middle end of the handle. These brushes have to be taken good care of as if not cleaned and stored well, may end up ruined. Clean them with a quality brush cleaner and preserver that is easily got from online stores or in the local art store. Alcohol is also a strong solvent that can be used to clean away a layer of oil paint or oil varnish on the brush.

Now that all the tools for your oil painting are ready, get down to your oil painting! Lay out your oil paints on the palette in the same order each time you paint so that you will be able to pick the paint instinctively. The paints having lead, cobalt and manganese tend to dry quicker, so mix these colors with other colors to enhance the drying time of the au painting. Never dry your oil paintings in the dark as this causes a thin film of oil to rise to the surface, to finally yellow the painting. However, after drying, if the paint on the palette has too many wrinkles, it means that too much oil has been used in the medium of the painting.

Once the oil painting is done, comes the part of preserving and maintaining it. One of the disadvantages of oil painting is its tendency of cracking. To overcome this disadvantage, make sure that each layer of your oil paintings has a higher content of oil than the one below it. This is why it is always better to frame completed oil paintings. You can either frame it on your own with one of the oil painting frames we offer or have a professional do it for you. Although it may cost you some money, it is always better to have it framed by a professional as they have the knowledge, skill, ability and experience to frame the painting properly with extra care.

Once the oil painting is completed and framed, hang it in your living hall for people to admire, and to give some life and color to the otherwise blank wall!


Reproduction tips of oil painting(1)

Step of Reproduction of oil paintings:

1. Judge the original painting, the judge and and correct understanding of the painting is the key step. Sometimes you need to guess how the original painter made it, from the initial idea to technic. For the biginner of reproducers of art, it's not a easy step. However, a few years experience as a painter would help a lot, even if you hadn't focus on reproduction. However most failure of reproduction of oil painting are from experienced reproducers, some of them started the job without even think of this first step. You have understand that: a. what material were used in this painting ? oil, acrylic, or mixed ?
b. what kind of media were used on this painting ? rough canvas or smoother canvas ?
c. what kind of tools used on this painting ? weasel's hair brush or soft brush ? sponge or air sprayer ?
d. Is it thickly painted or thinly painted ?
e. what is the size of the original painting? and what the size is the reproduced one?

2. Sketching: You have three options of sketching the painting. Traditionally, you will use a scaler /pantograph to sketch the rough outline and major part of the orignal ones. Pencil is the best tool to be used. Those who have outstanding technics can sketch the painting outline just by eyes and pencil, without a scaler. Modern painters has a better and easy solution: ink printer, ink printer can print the outline on canvas precisely.

3.first layer: Now You go to step 3, to paint the first layer. You need to paint big color blocks on the canvas, not too precisely. The first layer paintings shows the different style and skills of different painters, particularly on the color techs. A block of same yellow, by different painter or color maker, it's different. Some yellow are dull, some lusters. You can spent half day or a few weeks to finish the first layer, some of us like a rough layer, and others like a very good first layer. Because some painters can make the color to the right place at the very begining of first layer. Most painters hate it, they use at least two layers, in the first layer, the use "basic colors", and on second layer, thrid layer or even later layer, they paint over the first layer. Most color are not 100% opaque, so colors on each layer effect or interfere each other, the final result would be "rich color".

Modern painters like the bright color on oil paintings, for that reason, acrylic paintings are even more suitable for modern people. however the charm of traditional oil paints are still there, I debt great paintingw would be created by oil paints instead of acrylic in most cases.
It's still a good idea to hang a painting bought from oil painting shop on your sitting room wall, but people are tired of all different kind of images in daily life, so you can only choose those be-loved works or eye-catching oil paintings.
After viewing so much art and paintings in gallery, you would know what kind of paintings is your type, then you dig in on internet, finally you know lot of knowleges and history about these paintings and their authors. It's pleasing times when learning this.
Comparing with the posters, if you hanging an oil painting on wall, it gives quite different sense, a real painting is alive there, on the countrary, prints is dull and distant.
In recent years, more and more digital painters arise, because digital tools are very clean, and you can have many different tools to create amazing effects, it's far more intresting than painting on real canvas, the more interesting thing is, you can save the steps, and start from any steps at any time.
Paintings developement in Europe, since very earlier ages, was never influenced by cultures of other area in the world. So it has a very clear and continuous track line. On the countrary, Asian art development, particulary paintings, facing powerful effects from west world,encouuntered self-sceptic and self-denial period in 19 and 20 centuries
If you want to learn how to paint by oil on canvas, please start from viewing, view painting on galleries, museums. There is an old Chinese saying, know quality by comparing with each other. By appreciating and viewing different style paintings, you get your own taste on it.
Oil painting is cubic, and it lets out a lot of far more information, about the style, the thickness of strokes, the top color and the color beneath it, and how they effect each other. While looking at the posters, you got only one word to describe the comparation: flat.
When housing industry was booming in USA, the oil painting market was then brisk, mainly for interior decoration, so people take the oil painting as poster, and got the good feeling owning a real painting on canvas.
There are some media can help drying the painting, gas, and varnishing sprayers, but lot of artists hate using these, becasue it's not a natural way of drying.
The wholesale business of oil painting shops nowdays become very difficult, because large scale housing business failed, so do the interior business, so the focus of oil paintings is the core customers who loves painting really.
Now days, a lot of art peoplel still keep the good taste of oil painting, it's not for collection or making money, it's simply love.
It is so awesome that the buyer keep asking what the painting means when I am in a gallery, obviously the art dealer is not good at explaining an art



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Gustav Klimt and his works knife painting tips

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